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Get Organized with Overhead Garage Storage. Garage Storage Racks provide solutions to your organization needs.
The typical garage has a large volume of wasted space along the ceiling. Whether it’s above the garage door, in the forward corners or anywhere in between—This unused space could be utilized more efficiently to create additional storage for your home. If you’re garage has valuable unused space, it's ideal for our overhead garage storage racks! You can now get organized without reducing floor space required by conventional garage shelving systems and cabinets. CDR Overhead Storage Racks tie into the ceiling joist structure for support and work great in finished or unfinished garages.

Clear your Clutter
Many of us exit and re-enter our home daily through the garage. Facing a cluttered garage every day creates negative energy, frustration, and extra hassle. We have a quick, simple & inexpensive solution to this problem. Clear your clutter with overhead garage storage racks! One of our 4x8 racks holds over 600Lbs & 96 cubic feet of storage. Take control of your garage and let the cars back in by utilizing your space more effectively. Even if your garage doesn’t have clutter to begin with, our overhead storage racks can also create more room in your home by allowing rarely used items to be stored in a secure place in the garage.

CDR Overhead Storage offers premium quality products and installation at market leading prices!
We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor in California. Lic# 905132. Contact us for a free consultation about an overhead storage system best suited for your garage. 
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We have Bike Hooks!
Get bikes up and out of the way!

4x8 Rack with Bike Hanger
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L-Shaped Storage with Bike Hangers
HeavyLift Rack lifts up & Down
Racks Hold 600 Lbs!! Ea.